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how do you tell the difference between someone losing interest or if someone has commitment issues?


  1. skye skye says:

    The two are very different. Someone who loses interest just overall shows a decrease of interest in you, being with you, being intimate with you, etc. They may act stand-off-ish towards you, blow you off when you are supposed to hang out, or even take it to the next level and start cheating on you or flirting with other women. *censored* commitment issues generally can be characterized as a reluctance to commit to the relationship, but not necessarily be uninterested in the relationship. They probably really care about you and the relationship, but due to some psychological issue – they find it hard to commit to the idea of "forever." They may refrain from talking about your relationship in future terms, avoid topics such as marriage & children – buying a home, etc. *censored* commitment issues can be difficult, but can be worked on through counseling – and in most cases, the fear can be overcome. As for the "losing interest"…that’s a hard one to gauge – the lack of interest could be caused by an underlying fear of commitment, or they could just be a jerk. Hard to say without actually meeting the person or *censored* a detailed background on them. Hope this helps :)

  2. Mom of 2 says:

    It doesn’t matter. If they have commitment issues and you want to have a commitment then you are still not getting what you need. Move on, if they really care about you they’ll come back to you and give you the commitment. If they don’t see you as the one, they’ll move on.

  3. Anonymous says:

    You need to read that book "he’s just not that into you." When a guy says he has commitment issues, he will try his best to work on them if he really likes you. You shouldn’t be with a guy expecting for him to change b/c you are in for a big disappointment and it will lead to a very miserable life and eventually resent him for it. If he’s not actively making efforts to change this now, and stating himself that he is working on it and you seeing real progress, maybe he’s just not that interested and you should move on.

  4. hepmom -could use a clone! says:

    Commitment issues is a nice way of saying "Yeah, you aren’t the one. We aren’t getting married but I might marry my next girlfriend or the one after that."

    "do you think they can be helped? do you think they will eventually change? "
    —-NEVER go into a relationship hoping to change someone.

  5. The Terminator says:

    why are you women SO obsessed with COMMITMENT?
    jesus christ.

  6. Carly Wall says:

    it really does not matter at all.

    If they won’t commit, they never will. And if they won’t open up, they are just not that into you.

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