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How can I make a girl pee her pants?


  1. Becky says:

    K well there isnt a way. sorry to burst your bubble. i had a bf that was into pee too. he got me to pee on him a couple time and it depends on your girl she may be super weirded out by it or if she is a bit kinky she may want to try it out. be honest tell her you want to TRY it but dont push it cause it may make her uncomfortable

  2. cribohol says:

    Thanks for your honesty, Mitch. Now prepare for the onslaught of angry women.

  3. Ulquiorra says:

    ahahahaha is this a troll question ?

  4. Amber says:

    i think this is gross but maby you should like lock all the bathroom doors and make her laugh alot so she will need to pee and your going to embarss her so i wouldn’t do it cuz then you will get dumped

  5. solidus12345 says:

    well i got this from a guy who wanted to pass a drug test

    Water, coffee , if more urgent a pill of Lasix and if still more urgent a shot of Lasix.

    and also get help for that problem of yours

  6. Problem Solver says:

    You can’t just find a way to make your girlfriend do it without her realising it’s what you want.
    She’ll end up feeling really embarrassed, and it’s not fair on her.
    It is weird, but you could ask her?
    If she says yes, then fine.
    If she says no, respect that and forget it.

  7. Sydney Baker says:

    Well I would pee my pants for you if want! but than again, I guess we dont know each other. Just ask her too.

  8. Megan Pike says:

    the best way is to tell her you think guys can hold their pee longer than girls she will probably try to prove you wrong if you hold yours long enough she will pee herself

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